What is Cross-Language Voice Conversion and Why It’s Important

What is Voice Conversion All About?

How does Cross-Language Voice Conversion Work

  • Synthesizing a younger Luke Skywalker’s voice for Disney+’s The Mandalorian
  • Aloe Blacc paying tribute to Avicii singing ‘Wake Me Up’ in five languages
  • Re-creating Manuel Rivera Morales’ voice for the Olympic Games
  • Creating a digital Vince Lombardi for Super Bowl LV

For what Purposes can Voice Conversion Technology be Used?

  • Adapting the voices of actors for the localization of films
  • Voice acting for game characters
  • Voice greetings
  • Audiobook recitation, including the cloning of parents’ voices for fairy tales, read by professional commentators
  • Creation of audio and video courses
  • Promotional videos and audio ads
  • Voices of bots and smart devices, personalized voice assistants
  • Synthesis of natural-sounding oral speech for people who have lost the ability to speak (using recordings of their earlier speech)
  • Adapting oral speech into a local accent model

Entertainment and advertising

Dubbing and localization

Social purposes

In a Nutshell



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