Voice Marketplace’s Rad Revamp: Sleek New Design, Nifty Features & Flexible Pricing

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Hey Respeecher fam! We’ve got some sweet news for you. Our May 2023 release is delivering a bunch of upgrades to the Voice Marketplace. Brace yourselves for a total web app makeover, cool new features, and a sparkly pricing structure that makes voice cloning easier for everyone. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Fresh New Look

Okay, so our previous interface was a tad… well, techie — dropdowns left and right, tons of controls, and a little too much empty screen space. But no worries, our design team has given Voice Marketplace a fabulous new touchup.

Say hello to our simplified user experience that delivers smoother voice cloning workflows. Get ready to create those jaw-dropping voice conversions with style and ease.

Next-Level Features: Accent Control & Audio Boost

We didn’t just revamp the visuals, we’re unveiling some rad new features as well. For starters, you can now adjust the accent of your converted speech. Localize your audio content or craft characters with accents, no more breaking a sweat trying to nail a specific accent.

And let’s chat about those audio quality upgrades. With enhanced dynamic range and frequency response, converted voices are now crisper and livelier. Plus, we’ve doubled the frequency range to make your recordings soar.

Introducing the Per Minute Plan: You Asked, We Delivered

We’re all about helping the Voice Marketplace grow — making voice cloning tech accessible to startups, small studios, and even solo bloggers. Our goal is to bring advanced voice tech to anyone eager to level up their creative game.

That’s why we’re stoked to roll out our Per Minute plan: designed for private creators and small businesses who’ve been asking for an affordable way to access voice cloning tech without breaking the bank.

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