The Impact of Deepfake Technology on Digital Marketing and Advertising

What is deepfake technology?

  1. It all starts with inserting the original video of the target character into a neural network. Autoencoder and GAN algorithms go to work by analyzing the subject’s facial expressions and main features.
  2. Combining an autoencoder with GAN allows the algorithm to generate fake images until it can no longer distinguish them from the original.
  3. The video with the stunt double is then inserted into the neural network. After having analyzed the facial characteristics of the target subject, the network can easily create a deepfake. The target subject’s face is then overlaid onto the video of the stunt double. Once this process is complete, their own mother won’t be able to identify the deepfake from the original subject.

The deepfake controversy

  • Blackmail
  • Pornography
  • Politics and fake news

Deepfake marketing: what are the benefits?

Is it ethical to use deepfake tech in marketing?

  • In movie production, you have Carrie Fisher’s appearance in Star Wars: Rogue One or Mark Hamill’s latest cameo in The Mandalorian. Both were made possible with the use of video and audio deepfake.
  • Agency GS&P used deepfake to resurrect Salvador Dali as the host for the Dali Museum in Florida.
  • JFK’s historic speech at the Dallas Trade Mart that the former President was never able to deliver due to his assassination was dubbed using a synthetic copy of his original voice.
  • A Unicef and MIT collaboration, the Deep Empathy project, used deepfake to visualize cities such as London or Boston with the same level of destruction that Syrian cities are experiencing.

Deepfake delivers benefits to business and value to clients

  1. Costs for content creation are reduced tenfold.
  2. Branded video and audio communications can be tailored to be as personalized as possible.
  3. Attracting media stars and creating unique ad campaigns is easier and cheaper than ever.



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