Respeecher’s Innovative Voice Synthesis Technology Saves the Day for French-Mauritian Comedy “10 Years” (10 Ans), Featuring Standout Performance by Young Star Kamil Majestic

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Imagine creating a hit film with young actors only to realize that because their voices change over time, additional dialogue replacement (ADR) is impossible. That was the challenge Martin Magembe, director and producer of the French-Mauritian comedy “10 Years,” had to overcome. Enter Respeecher, the AI-based voice synthesis hero, to save the day.


The “10 Years’’ production team needed consistent, high-quality voiceovers for their cast, but they faced a roadblock: their young actors’ voices were changing. Because of this, they couldn’t rely on traditional dubbing to address the issue, and the team was running out of options. ADR was required for several scenes, and the film’s credibility was at stake.


Respeecher’s cutting-edge AI voice cloning technology was the miracle they needed! By using the AI’s deep learning approach, Respeecher was able to create models of the unique voices of every actor in their youth, taking into account nuances such as tone, pitch, and timbre. The actors then recorded new lines, and the synthesized versions were carefully crafted to match their original voices from the time of the initial filming.

The process involved extracting specific voice features and synthesizing new audio samples that maintained the actors’ unique vocal characteristics. This innovative technology provided authentic-sounding voiceovers that allowed the film to maintain consistency despite the actors’ changing voices.


Respeecher’s AI magic helped “10 Years” overcome a significant challenge, resulting in high-quality voiceovers that the audience would never suspect were not the actors’ original voices. The production team reduced costs and completed the project ahead of schedule while audiences enjoyed a seamless audiovisual journey.

The collaboration between Respeecher and “10 Years” is a testament to AI technology’s power in filmmaking. It demonstrates how creative solutions address seemingly insurmountable challenges and enhance the overall quality of different projects. Respeecher’s voice synthesis technology not only preserved the integrity of “10 Years” but also paved the way for future innovations in the film industry.

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