Respeecher Makes Richard Nixon’s Moon Landing Disaster Speech A Reality

The Idea

The Challenge

The Implementation

Dangers of a Deepfake Reality

  • Respeecher does not allow any use of our technology that can be interpreted as deceptive.
  • Respeecher does not use voices without permission when this could impact the privacy of the subject or their ability to make a living.
  • Respeecher does not provide any public API for creating new voices.
  • Respeecher works directly with clients we trust.
  • Respeecher requires written consent from voice owners.
  • Respeecher only approves projects that meet our strict standards.
  • Respeecher is developing watermarking technology that allows us to easily tell Respeecher-generated content from other content, even if it is disguised by being mixed in with other audio.



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AI Speech-to-Speech Voice Synthesis for Next Generation Content Creators