How Respeecher Can Influence Victim Assistance and Witness Protection

The public’s right to know versus the victim’s right to privacy

  • Help the police catch the perpetrator
  • Recover from emotional and mental trauma
  • Raise the awareness of crime
  • Caution people against such crimes
  • Blaming themselves
  • Under threat from the offender
  • Fear of being ostracized by society
  • Fear that they won’t be believed
  • Fear of punishment from their perpetrator
  • Victim-blaming

Voice conversion for witness protection

  • Respeecher just needs a one-hour recording of the target speaker’s voice for the AI to generate its model. Once compiled, there is no need to reveal the identity of the person speaking.
  • You can choose any voice from Respeecher’s Voice Marketplace. All voices belong to virtual personas generated by Respeecher’s team. This means that the voices are fictional and cannot belong to real people. Or, you can use the voice of any other person who volunteers to act as a target voice speaker.
  • Respeecher’s system will analyze the source voice recording (the voice of the victim) and transform it into the target speaker’s voice you have chosen.
  • As a result, you get a completely anonymous recording that reflects the emotional impact and intonations of the source voice.
  • complete anonymity of the source speaker (we ourselves may not know whose voice we are cloning — this is not necessary).
  • upon separate request, we will remove all voice samples of the source speaker from all of our systems
  • security of information when working on this or that anonymization project in the same way as we do for top Hollywood projects.



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