How Does Voice Synthesis Work? Examples and Industry Applications

Main industry applications of voice synthesis

1. The film and TV industries

  • no longer need to waste time and resources with a top actor by bringing him back to the studio to record again some lines;
  • be able to add by themselves some lines after filming, without calling an actor back into the studio;
  • be able to resurrect past voices and to bring them into the project;
  • be able to record any voice in any language in case they have an overseas audience;
  • be able to replicate children’s voices without the actual need of working with kids.

2. The gaming industry

3. The advertising industry

4. Audiobooks and podcasts

5. Other business industries


  • Educate the public about the capabilities of synthetic speech technology;
  • Develop automatic detection algorithms that can detect synthetic speech even if it has not been watermarked by us;
  • Work with gatekeepers of content such as Facebook and YouTube to limit the harm of voice cloning.



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AI Speech-to-Speech Voice Synthesis for Next Generation Content Creators